About Us

Created in 2019 by two media and digital veterans, Sekoia started from ”a need” when we were client-side, hiring freelancers and agencies.

At the time, we needed a wide range of services but didn’t have the budget nor anyone to orchestrate them. We needed more than just the two or three services an agency usually offers. We were looking for a fully integrated managed service, a turnkey solution that would feel like the extension of our department. We realized then we weren’t the only ones looking for such a partnership … So we created it!

Our inspiration

The Sequoia is the conifer that produces the smallest seed and grows to be the largest tree on the planet. This proves that even if we start from almost nothing, we can grow

without limits. In addition to being magnificent, it’s resistant to fire, microbes and does not rot.

Just like Sequoia, we are made to last.