If you can’t measure it, don’t

This is one of our basic principles. An effective growth strategy requires setting up and monitoring the right performance indicators.

Google analytics implementation

The success to a good Google Analytics implementation

We don’t just install tracking codes. All our configurations are tailor-made following the analysis of the needs of our partners. We set clear and ambitious goals, define KPIs and integrate them into Google Analytics.

Report issues? We offer a dynamic dashboard

We know that our partners’ time is precious and that not all of us can be Analytics experts. This is why we offer all our customers a dynamic dashboard of all their performance indicators in real time thanks to SuperMetrics and Google data studio. No need to wait days or even weeks for the information to enable our partners to make the right decisions.

Configuration and optimization of Google Analytics 4

Every new partner is now automatically migrated to GA 4s. But beware, we want to warn you, this new version of Google Analytics is highly addictive for all ROI obsessed. That’s why we love it.

It’s now official, Google has announced that universal analytics will no longer process data from July 1, 2023. You might think that gives us time, but no, because Google Analytics data is not transferable to GA4. GA4 must therefore be implemented before July 1 of this year to be able to provide one year of data at the time of the transition.

Do not hesitate to ask us how to migrate your current data from Google Analytics to GA4.