Whether you are a startup or a multinational, our 3 phase methodology remains the same.

1. Analysis

This is the ”Think Before You Act.” phase, which allows you to understand who your real competitors are and how they position themselves in relation to you. We produce a gap analysis that will allow us to quantify the efforts needed to upgrade your ecosystem. Also during this phase, we define personas and build the scenarios to attract and convert them.

2. The upgrade

Leads won’t convert. Our experts analyze customer journeys for each persona to optimize your social media, content and website …

We have thus developed Adhoc expertise for our BtoB as well as our Commerce clients.

3. The Growth

We are finally getting to the heart of the matter. Now that everything is ready and the strategy clearly defined, we are rolling out and optimizing our action plans to generate growth by acting on all the media and all the necessary and relevant sources.