Performance marketing

different approach

Our partners pay us on results; not to show big numbers. We do not take commissions on your media budget. Paid media is part of the complete solution and is always carefully balanced for our customer’s benefits. We have sometimes been told that we shoot ourselves in the foot but that’s the way we do it and we won’t change.

The perfect media mix

Whether on search networks like Google or Bing, on social networks or on Amazon, our experts optimize each source of the traffic to achieve the best ROAS (return on advertising expenditure) possible and we make the results of our campaigns available in real-time on the dashboard of our partners.

We close the loop

Attracting new qualified prospects is just the start. Together with our data analytics experts, our performance team spends its time refining audiences and messaging to retarget all users where they are and convert them to customers. This is called remarketing. If you are interested in knowing more, we offer training on the subject to our partners because we believe that sharing is what builds trust and creates value.